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All items for sale here are hand made by me. No two of my creations are exactly alike (except incense).  


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My candles are made with a high-temperature paraffin with no additives to give you a longer-burning, clean-burning candle. All of my candles are scented, but not overpowering. I make them in batches with specific color schemes paired with particular scents.

Pottery/ Tiles

I make large-handled coffee mugs, bowls, and dish-type incense burners ( all wheel-thrown) and decorative tiles with designs in relief, including landscape and tree designs, which can be framed, hung, or installed. 


I offer stick incense in 2 standard sizes (9" and 19") and more than 40 fragrances. Some are made with natural essential oils, and some of my fragrances are my own proprietary creations. 

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Irie Lights

Although my primary production facility is in Columbus, Ohio, I frequently travel to festivals and art shows in other cities and states, so at various times of the year, your order may ship from a different location. Check this web site periodically for changes and new items being added.

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